“Your accounts, visions, and conversations with God are so personal and intimate. I love your careful attention to details and the constant theme of being open and perceptive to God in all things and in all places… You talk about apples in pondering holiness and I understand this… I greatly admire your joyful clinging to God through tragedy and heartbreak… I would like to share your [book] with my two children and my parents.” —Stephen Greenlee, business man and major benefactor of an Orthodox Christian monastery.

Vincent's Bio

Vincent, while yet enjoying a successful technical profession with advanced state-of-the-art silicon devices, was moved, in the Spirit, to resign and follow a call from Heaven, which, in part, includes his writing. This call followed years of progressive ‘tutorship’ from Heaven, as outlined in this book. He believes that he had been early instructed, by God, to “Prepare and wait”. Tutoring came in conjunction with a dutiful walk. By the time he clearly heard “The wait is over” he also knew well and was/is strongly motivated by the exact nature of his/our calling, at this time, as showed within his writing.
He now lives again in South Dakota, farms the family homestead alongside wife Anne, has three adult children, a well behaved cattle dog, continues to write, work as guided by the Spirit and believes that ‘real life’, in this world, is just about to begin. He believes that, “The fullness of time” pertains to individual ‘ages’, we are approaching the end of an age and our Lord and King is working to clean things up a whole lot before we enter the next age. Be excited people, we are all part of the same bio, our wait and strive towards the Kingdom will witness reward!

“[Violence in Heaven has] a humble, conciliatory and encouraging tone. I think the story effectively illustrates the point that we should be willing for the Holy Spirit to interrupt our plans when He calls us to help a fellow pilgrim, knowing that to do so has eternal ramifications for the person helped, for ourselves and ultimately for the kingdom of God.” —Bill Renn, pastor, singer and songwriter

My dad being carried in a basket by my grandpa

Vincent is a hardworking fellow.

The photograph to the left, used to conceptually represent Vincent, found at the back of this book, was taken about 1927 and shows his grandfather carrying his dad in an apple basket within an orchard on the family homestead. This picture displays much including "sonship," family, work, play, love, as his public identity.