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Connecting the Dots

Second Post
August 21, 2021

It is impossible to describe the manifold manners which the Master Craftsman carefully works, silently expressing who He is. For each person the story of the experience is unique but yet we can be certain that the walk of all is similar and that the final goal of Him for each of us is exactly the same…Life.

So then the motivation for the work Violence in Heaven comes from a distinctly unique walk, too muddled for anyone to delve into, but that can be easily described from ten thousand feet. You know that from this vantage point we can each look down, clearly see the overall picture, and identify with it, from within the tiny tone of our own unique dot, without needing to know the basis for tone of all other dots. For each of us our tone is how we have responded to the manner in which we have been Loved. So then it is possible to name the overall picture ‘As Loved’ because it displays the hue, the tone of everyone’s response in a picture with stark clarity.

As we know the description of the greater picture being a collage composition of everyone is by no means new but ever remains a reasonable, if not fully accurate, way of entering into any discussion of life in this world, because we know that we are all individually responsible for what this world looks like from a distance. Yes, changing our own life really changes the picture in such an insignificant manner that we might throw up our hands and cry out “Nothing I do matters!” But if we do, then we fail, in part, because this response is simply not true. Seek, take hold of and pursue truth and you will find in doing so you affect everyone you encounter is some, often silent, manner which affects not just your own dot but the dots of everyone around you. The others you touch likewise touch and affect others and so on with the general picture ever changing.

The scientist Einstein said “Dark is simply the absence of light”. If we can follow the logic of this simple truth then let is ask if evil is simply the absence of good? From the onset this logic is flawed because what we consider as ‘evil’ often seems to follow some amount of action/effort and leads to the conclusion that evil must be more than just a simple absence of anything. Yes, the opposites ‘dark’ and ‘light’ are like apples and oranges to ‘evil’ and ‘good’. Rather evil and good are possible outcomes from the scope of the greater opposite pair ‘death’ and ‘Life’. Or in other words, let’s consider ‘stubbing your toes on a stair’. This often happens in the absence of light. Likewise it can be claimed that ‘evil’ often occurs in an absence of Life. It is not being said that stubbing a toe is evil but rather ‘unfortunate things’ follow the absence of fortune (Providence) from Heaven. Life only comes from Heaven and death is simply an absence of Life…

What about ‘ignorance’ and ‘knowledge’ are these greater opposites or the outcomes of a greater opposite pair? There are many other similar important contrasts such as ‘injustice’ and ‘justice’. As we consider each, in general, we realize that the most fortunate side can always be claimed to come from Providence. Where do we find Providence? More specifically can Providence be found in the absence of God? Take hold of Life and good things follow…Gold seems especially good within the absence of Wisdom…Wisdom is a good outcome of Life...Life is from Providence…Providence is from God…there is little sadder than a dead man’s gold…and nothing feels better than dancing with God…Truth…Seek it, find it, take hold of it, pursue where it is willing to lead…this starts in our own little dot in the greater picture and is an outcome from the ‘desires of our heart’…we go full circle and dance…as Loved…

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